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Why should you have a office space?

Despite flexible working models such as hybrid working and work-from-home gaining popularity in recent years, demand for office spaces has still remained high.


There are many reasons why

working in an office could be beneficial for both employers and employees. A study suggested, 96% of executives noticed that more work was being done in the office than when working from home. This is because working in an office can influence employees to work harder as the senior leaders in the office can influence their career growth.

Why do people rent office spaces?

Renting office space is not only so that your business can have a more professional image, there are a lot more benefits for employers and employees:

  • Working in an office can drive a sense of purpose and belonging for employees, providing employees with a space where they can collaborate with other co-workers will make them feel like they are contributing to the company and share ideas between each other.

  • Having employers and employees in a workspace would improve communication between each other and enable them to develop friendships which would positively impact their careers.

  • The ability to access information quickly and communicate without barriers allows employees to be more productive.

So why rent an office and not buy an office space...

Renting an office space will mean you will be able to have flexibility in your terms/contracts and and not take on a long term financial commitment for a property/space. This also makes it easier for you to scale your business by moving into larger spaces when your business grows.

Having an office space at GNBC will mean you will have multiple events which you can attend hosted by us with free foods and drinks where you can network with other businesses/tenants at your centre.

Want to know more...

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