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Changes to UK company law from 4 March 2024

Using a PO Box as your registered office address could get you struck off the register!

From 4 March 2024, new rules for registered office addresses which mean companies must have an ‘appropriate address’ as their registered office address at all times, and will not be able to use a Post Office (PO) Box for this purpose.

If you’re currently using a PO Box as your registered office address, you’ll need to change it by 4 March 2024, otherwise Companies House will strike the company off the register.

An appropriate address is one where:

  • any documents sent to the registered office should be expected to come to the attention of a person acting on behalf of the company; and

  • any documents sent to that address can be recorded by an acknowledgement of delivery.

You can still use a third-party agent’s address if they meet the conditions for an appropriate address.

GNBC’s Registered Address Service and our Mailbox Service do meet these conditions.

Registered Address Service

Using GNBC as that third-party agent, you can set GNBC’s address as your company’s registered office address (instead of the PO Box).

Then, when documents are sent to your registered office and arrive at GNBC, the courier can record and acknowledge delivery to the sender, and we will notify you by email. This then complies with the two bullet points above

Mailbox Service

Furthermore, our mailbox service provides secure, dedicated storage for your mail, and you will be given a key to collect your mail during office hours, after receiving our email.

Extra Services

If you authorise us, we can:

-       forward your mail to you, either as it arrives or in batches

-       open and scan those documents, and email them to you

-       answer calls on your own dedicated phone line and in your company name (then email the caller’s details to you)

-       offer discounts on other services such as Meeting Room hire.


Benefits even if you don’t use a PO Box

Many start-ups and small businesses use the owner’s home address as the registered office address. While this will continue to be allowed, there would be advantages in changing that to a real business address like GNBC:

Customer impressions

What happens when your prospects and clients due some due diligence on your business? Do they type your address into Google and then look at Streetview?

If you are trying to position your business as long-established and successful, then a real business address confirms this in your customer’s mind better than a residential address. A financial adviser working from a business centre gives a more “solid” impression that one working from a mid-terraced house in a run-down area. It might be unfair to judge like that, but first impressions do count.

As a GNBC client, instead if meeting your clients at home, or in a café, you can use our impressive Meeting Room at discounted rates.

Data Security

If your business deals with sensitive personal, financial or medical information, then perhaps you need a license to operate, and that license might require secure handling and storage of your client data. GDPR (aka data protection) requires this too. Can you guaranty that at home?

Physical Security

What about when you go on business trips or holidays: would your post hang out of your front door’s mail slot, telling then World that no-one’s home and encouraging break-ins?

Our premises have CCTV, security lighting, access control systems and alarm systems, helping to increase your compliance with data security requirements and helping to keep your mail and your home secure.

Safety and Privacy

Working from home has its advantages, but do you want the World to know?

The teenage daughter of one of our Mailbox Service clients noticed that, using the registered address displayed on Mum’s website, Streetview was pointing the World right at her bedroom window.

If a customer wants to return keys or signed documents to you, would it feel freaky if they turned up unexpectedly at your home address? Maybe you weren’t dressed for business, or were in the middle of dinner?

And what if that customer was angry for some reason: would that have been better to send them to a business centre in office hours instead of your front door at random times of day or night or weekend? Or having a Bailiff at your door for a business matter?



In summary, our Registered Address Service, Mailbox Service and extra services can:

-       ensure your business is compliant with the new Companies House laws

-       give a professional impression to your clients

-       improve data security and physical security

-       improve personal safety and privacy

-       discounted services such as Meeting Room hire.

Call us on 01707 245424, email to or visit us at 82 Great North Road, Hatfield to discuss.


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