We love being at GNBC.  The building and facilities are great, we love that it has character with lots of greenery and big windows, and isn’t the usual bog-standard office suite.  But, most of all we love the staff and the real family values and friendly spirit everyone has here. We initially had a small 2 person office and have now grown over the years into a much bigger one, all of which GNBC has been able to accommodate.


Complete Tenders

GNBC is a great place to come to as a client or visitor, with a friendly welcome from the reception team you are made to feel welcome as soon as you step through the door.  The facilities are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and all your needs are looked after to GNBC’s fullest capability.


Nicholas Humphrey's

I recently moved my office to GNBC. I am really happy with the choice I have made. It is a warm and welcoming business centre. The business centre team are friendly and helpful and the other office tenants I have met so far, I have found really easy to get on with.

Andrew Weigelt

Hexagon Mortgages and Protection

I’m a brand new client of Great North Business Centre. After 18 months of working from home, I needed some structure and to make where I lived to feel more like a place I could relax, not an ever increasing extension of my working life. I would often walk past this well presented old building, full of character, on my lunchtime walks. I decided one particularly hard day trying to remain motivated at home, to walk in and inquire about office space. I was greeted with such warmth by the team here and got some time immediately to view the space and have a sit down with Bhadra – the Centre manager – to talk in more detail. I very quickly decided this was a place I wanted to try out so arranged a short-term contract with a view to extending it if it worked out well. Within 2 hours of my first day, I had already emailed Bhadra to formally request an extension of my contract for a full year.

I have had such a great welcome and feel instantly comfortable with the location, the building, and of course the excellent team here. I’m so happy with my decision and it’s still only week 1.

David Craggs

Newland ID