About Us

Great North Business Centre

Great North Business Centre

The concept was born through the tedious task of looking for a suitable office space in Hatfield to enable founder Richard to bring together his small team of property part-timers. “How hard could that be?” Extremely hard, as it proved at the time. Location, facilities, parking, pricing, access, long-term commitment … it was a nightmare. The search dragged on, but it did slowly demonstrate what a difficult task it could be for any start up or micro business.

Eventually Richard stumbled upon a charming Grade II listed building that was North Place. It was way too big for his immediate needs, with at least 25 rooms too many, but it doesn’t hurt to dream big and plan ahead! 

“Let’s make it so much easier for others to find their new business home faster, easier, cost-effectively, low risk and pain free”. 

“All” that was left to do was refurbish the building, fit it out, recruit great staff, provide all the services and facilities for other businesses in the same position, and then support them every step of the way. The aim was always to make it easier for them than we had it for our own businesses. GNBC opened for business in February 2015 and the rest, as they say, is history!

The Team

Richard – Director

Richard’s engineering consultancy career took him around the world, before settling in the UK. He used his skills in tech and numbers to build a property portfolio, centred in Hatfield. He started two businesses whilst working from home, enabling him to finally leave the day-job in the corporate world. His challenges finding an office for his own businesses showed that the “usual way” is far too hard, so he came up with an “unusual way”, which became GNBC, aimed at helping other start-ups avoid those difficulties and pitfalls. Although he doesn’t run marathons anymore, Richard tries to stay moderately fit, with walks, exercise bike, occasional park runs, and maybe (one day) back to the gym.

Leah – Marketing Manager

Leah is our newest edition to the GNBC team joining in 2021. Leah will be managing all of the Marketing activities and social media for the business centre. In her spare time she is kept super busy with family and horse life, enjoying a gallop through the countryside!

Juliette – Reception

Juliette has been at GNBC since 2018 and she is the smiley face who greets you on Reception. Juliette is always enthuastic and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. She likes everything in order and she always makes sure things are just so!

Evie – Reception

Evie joined GNBC in 2019 as a part time Receptionist. She will complete her Business course at college and will be heading off to Uni in the near future. Evie is always happy and smiling and loves helping our visitors and clients.

Dawne – Reception

Dawne is also new to the GNBC team joining in January 2021. She is always finding ways to improve things and keeps very busy. When Dawne is not at GNBC she can be found helping out with her daughters horses.