Introducing … Herts Clinic

Herts Clinic

Amatsu is an ancient Japanese physical therapy which has evolved with modern western orthopedic techniques. Amatsu uses diagnostic tools including muscle testing and orthopaedic testing to understand and explain the problems within the body. During the treatment I will assess specific dysfunctions and the most effective way to restore balance to the body with minimal intervention

Acupuncture is a technique used to treat a variety of conditions, by stimulating nerves and muscles within the skin producing a variety of effects. It increases the body’s release of natural pain killers – endorphin and serotonin – in the pain pathways of both the spinal cord and brain.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which suction is applied locally to the skin. The suction mobilises blood flow to promote healing in a range of conditions.

T: 07753 222692

Introducing … Complete Tenders

Complete Tenders helps businesses win contracts. We help you find the right opportunities, prepare properly and beat the competition. Our services enable you to grow your business and spend your time on things that really matter.

Don’t let competitors take your opportunities away:

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T: 01707 244713

Introducing … Woodcote Contractors

Woodcote Contractors carry out painting, Decorating and ancillary repairs to all types of building. We can act as principal contractor and manage all Health and Safety on site too for ourselves and any subcontractors. We are experienced in external and internal redecoration and common parts refurbishments. We can undertake works ranging from £500 to £300,000. We carry 10 million liability and employer’s insurances.

T: 020 7328 5063

Introducing … Nicholas Humphreys (Hatfield)

Nicholas Humphreys Hatfield are a dynamic lettings agent specialising in Student and HMO rentals.
Offering a plethora of knowledge about the local area, and local lettings legislation specifically in HMO properties, we are always on the lookout for new properties to supply to our waiting tenants!
We offer a bespoke management service to each landlord dependant on needs and requirements and can also assist in finding Tenants for self-managed properties.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us
T: 01707 242890

Introducing … The White Clinic

The White Clinic

“The White Clinic was founded and set up by Sophie Doros and was designed to give a personal and friendly touch on an otherwise clean-cut and intimidating industry. An aesthetics clinic where the main focus is on fixing ‘botched jobs’ – work that has been done elsewhere that has gone wrong. Unfortunately, it happens regularly, but no job is too big or small for The White Clinic to fix!

In the White Clinic we aim to help people whose confidence in themselves and/or in the industry has been weakened. We offer many treatments that can help in boosting self-confidence and all in an environment where you feel safe, calm and in good hands.”

Introducing … Argent Health & Safety

Argent works with some of the world’s largest travel businesses, from traditional tour operators through to global online businesses. We conduct auditing activity in accordance with their Safety Management Systems (SMS), and give them the data to effectively demonstrate a consistent and structured approach to the Health and Safety of their customers.

Phone: (+44) 01707 244 735

Introducing … HBD Surveyors

HBD Surveyors is an independent Chartered Building Consultancy, offering building surveying, project management and contract administration services working for private clients on both residential and commercial projects.

We cover London and the surrounding areas across the South East, also providing services to Birmingham and the East Midlands region.

Our surveying team can provide experienced surveyors to provide immediate assistance and deal with your enquiry.
HbD specialise in commercial and residential insurance reinstatement works and the principals have over twenty years experience in this field, dealing with building work subject to an insurance claim.

We operate via a national network of local chartered surveyors and building engineers to assist with all of your surveying and project requirements.

T: 020 83442313

Introducing … Plan4You Ltd

Plan4You Ltd offers independent financial advice for both individuals and businesses. If you require investment planning or investment management on a personal or corporate level, family or business protection, pre or post retirement planning or inheritance tax and estate planning, then we can help you find the right solutions to help you reach your financial destination. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax and trust advice.

“My aim is to help ensure that my clients achieve their personal, business and financial goals and this can be met by offering a full Lifestyle Financial Planning Solution”
– Daren Baynes, Director

Tel: 01707 471122

Introducing … Evangelical Baptist Church

Evangelical Baptist Church

The admin office for Evangelical Baptist Church Hatfield is based in GNBC.

EBC Hatfield is an independent baptist church in affiliation with the FIEC.

Sunday services are held at: Oxlease House, on Travellers Lane, Hatfield, AL10 8TJ.

Please see our website for details:

T: 01707 884534

Introducing … Globofleet Ltd

Globofleet Ltd is the UK and Ireland distributor of GloboFleet hardware and software, and has been in operating from GNBC since its opening.

GloboFleet products make compliance and management of digital tachographs much easier and more cost effective. Digital tachographs are devices used in heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs) to record driving times, rest breaks and other duties, mainly for the purpose of road safety… to help ensure drivers get proper rest.

Virtually all heavy vehicles across the UK, Europe and beyond are covered by international regulations, and it is the operator who is responsible for compliance.

In the past, digital tachograph data was notoriously difficult to interpret, to spot infringements. Regular patterns of non-compliance might need changes to driver shift patterns or delivery routes, for example, to ensure that infringements are not systematically forced onto drivers.

Transport operators can make use of digital tachograph data not only to avoid fines, but to optimise staffing and fleet management.

What makes GloboFleet products different?

– fully compliant with all relevant UK and EU regulations
– tens of thousands of systems installed and in daily use
– low cost, great value hardware and software
– no monthly subscriptions, free updates
– simple enough to eliminate training in most cases
– can be used with all major manufacturers of digital tachographs
– no need to pay agencies to interpret the data

See for product details.